Dismantling Racism


Our Diocese  has an active Anti-racism commission that offers a variety of work-shops in different settings.  Notices regarding scheduled workshops will appear on this page.

Anti-Racism Workshop: History and Race                                                                       Saturday, February 17th, 8:30 am -2 pm.                                                                                     St. Asaph’s Episcopal Church, Bala Cynwyd     

Register here after 1/15/18                                                                 

This first of a series of 4 will explore the beginnings of race as a social construction and how it has affected society throughout history and today.

If you would like further to participate in the ministry of dismantling racism, please visit these resources:

Where Does the American Dream Live?  A report on housing policy and its effects in dismantling or perpetuating poverty in black communities.  Click here.

Safety Pins and Solidarity click here

Presiding Bishop’s statement on Dakota pipeline click here

Video of The Reverend Gail Fisher-Stewart, a former law enforcement officer who is black and titles her talk “I am afraid.”