How We Worship

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The Eucharist

The Holy EucharistIn the Episcopal Church Holy Eucharist, or Communion, is the central feature of our worship life together.   Through Scripture readings, preaching, prayers and confession we prepare ourselves to come to the altar to share in Christ’s body and blood.  We teach that though the elements of bread and wine are not physically transformed, the Spirit works through our gathering at the altar, through our prayer, and through our taking into our bodies the deep symbols of Christ’s life.  Thus, we confess the ‘real presence’ of Christ in our Eucharist.

The Seasons

In the Episcopal Church, we are especially attentive to the liturgical seasons of the year and you will notice that each season of the church year is marked by colors. The colors are symbolic of the season and you will notice them in the special vestments worn by the priest and in the fabric decorations on the altar, pulpit and lectern.

In Advent, as we prepare to celebrate Christmas, we use purple vestments. We also use purple during Lent, as we prepare for Easter.

During the Christmas season, which begins Christmas Eve and ends with the Feast of the Baptism of Christ in early January, the color used is white.  White is also used during the Easter season.

During ‘Ordinary time,’   the color is green.

On certain festivals, such as Pentecost, you will see red decorating the altar and the clergy.